Online Stores

Online Stores

  • Employee Uniforms
  • Grade School Gym or School Uniforms
  • Team or School Spiritwear
  • Company Stores
  • Event Merch
  • Influencers Merch
We have multiple options for Online Stores, contact us for details of the fit that’s best for your store.  There are no hidden fees - leave it all to us!
  • Commission (yes – you can use stores as a fundraiser for your team or organization!)
  • Artwork (let our staff artists help design or refine your custom logo/artwork)
  • Orders fulfilled and bagged individually
  • Personalization (embroidered or heat-sealed names and numbers) available
  • Shipping or Free Delivery
It’s simple:
  1. YOU select 8-10 items that you’d like to offer on your store (check out options in our product catalogs)
  2. YOU decide if you want to offer personalization and on which items
  3. WE will provide you with the prices depending on how you want them decorated (print or embroidery).
  4. YOU decide if you want to mark up the prices for fundraising.
  5. YOU decide on the best 2 week period to have the store be live.
  6. WE build the store and send you the link
  7. YOU send the link to your group.
  8. WE provide you a status of how your store is doing during the 2 weeks.
  9. WE close the store, order the goods, decorate the goods and bag the orders. (1-2 weeks depending on supplier availability)
  10. WE ship or deliver the orders
  11. YOU get the great reviews from your team, business or organization and possibly collect a commission check as well!  What could be easier?

See some sample store fronts

Sample Store Fronts

Longwood Gardens Employee
Fall/Oct '23 Store

Maple Newtown HS/Paxon
Hollow Soccer Store

Erin Lives

Rider Facilities Uniform Store

St. Annies Spiritwear Store

Malvern Prep Uniform Store

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