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Why choose promotional products?

Did you know that 39% of the people receiving a promotional product could recall the name of the advertisers as long as six months after they received it? (Study by Schreiber & Associates) It's true, most people that have received a free promotional product from a company remember the name because they use or see the product every day. This is not only important for the company's advertising purposes but also to promote goodwill and loyalty among customers.

Everyone needs to advertise in some way and promotional products are the most cost-effective way to do this when compared with media advertising. Most people, when watching TV programs often change the channel or find something else to do when a commercial comes on. In this way the advertiser does not get his point across if a viewer does not wish to listen. Promotional products, however, are a more convenient, longer lasting way of advertising because they are part of the customer's environment. A customer who has a mug with a logo on it will see it at least a couple times a day without any additional cost to the advertiser.

Promotional products also build a positive image, motivate employees and customers and improve customer relations. Recognition can be a big part of employee performance. Promotional products and award recognition can stimulate sales performance and productivity. Recognition and praise is more motivating than money and assures loyal customer relations.

In a 1993 study at Baylor University, customers who received promotional products were more willing to provide leads than customers who did not receive a promotional product. They can be directed to selected audiences, are useful to a customer and have the power to repeat the imprinted message many times without added cost to the advertiser. This makes it clear that promotional products are a better, more cost-effective and longer lasting way of advertising.